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Experience is key!



Lead Consultant


Idea generator, strategic thinker and creative program developer; an organized and efficient program coordinator able to deliver high quality results; and a respected facilitator, lecturer and writer.  With over 15 years of local and international experience in public health and over 10 years of university teaching and research experience, Leseliey has significant transferable skills in service coordination, management and supervision, program development, fiscal management, team leadership and public speaking.  Her interdisciplinary academic background includes a Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Health,  and a Bachelor of Arts in Womens Studies from University of Michigan.   




When it comes to imagining solutions to tough problems, Chelsea Harmell’s specialty involves taking bold ideas and infusing them with pragmatism. Chelsea’s background includes over 5 years of public administration with roles in public health, program management, higher education, counseling, fundraising, consumer research and communications. She has experience guiding policies and programs in the nonprofit sector, private sector, and for local and federal government agencies. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Chelsea lived in Seattle, Istanbul and Ann Arbor before moving to Detroit, where she is continually inspired by the city and inhabitants that surround her. She holds a Master of Public Health from University of Michigan School of Public Health and a B.A. in Law, Societies, and Justice from University of Washington.  

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